Add Employees

If your ITRA Membership includes additional accounts for your employees, the account owner will be able to add, delete, and manage their employees as shown below.

  • Sign in to the website
  • Go to the Manage Profile Page
  • Click on the Sub-accounts Icon. If you don't see this icon, your account does not qualify for additional employee accounts.

  • Next, you'll "invite" your employees by sending them an automated e-mail
  • Enter their e-mail address(s) in the Invite New Members dialogue box
  • Click Send Invite

  • Your employees will receive the e-mail notification below

  • After clicking on Accept This Invitation (shown above), employees will land on the screen below
  • They'll complete the registration process and won't be required to submit payment
  • These new members will now appear under "Your Sub-accounts" section of the screen shown above